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Get a Freebie by Posing as a VIP

By: Edward Mellett - Updated: 27 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Get A Freebie By Posing As A Vip

Most people don't know many famous people. When they do come in to contact with a star, celebrity or someone they perceive to be a star, all normality goes straight out the window. If you can play a part well enough, you can use this "wow" factor to blag as many freebies as you can manage.

To do this effectively you will need to be thoroughly confident, able to quickly ad lib and have the acting talent of an American movie star. Essentially you will need to out-celebrity your celebrity!

Direct "Real Celebrity" approach:

This method only works if you do look fairly similar to a current celebrity!

Study your look-a-like celebrity by watching past and present TV performances. Spend time analysing the tone and pace of their voice and practice talking to people (friends and family to start with) in a similar style.

It is important to get in to the frame of mind of your celebrity so that when you use this approach to blag things you will really be believable as a star.

When you are ready, start small by using your celebrity status to get in to clubs and bars for free (and even scrounge some free drinks while you're at it). Take things slowly and see how far you can get!

Direct "Imaginary Celebrity" approach:

For this method you will need to create and develop a special imaginary celebrity persona or alter-ego. When you approach people you will need to be fully immersed in character to be so believable that there won't even be the slightest element of doubt.

It is important you study several celebrities (think about things such as voice, clothing, character, personality, humour) to achieve this.

When ready roll up to a club and offer the old cliché "don't you know who I am". It might not work everywhere, but some venues will prefer to let you in than to risk angering the very latest celebrity star!

Direct "Powerful Person" approach:

Similarly to the "Imaginary Celebrity" approach this works by creating an alter-ego, but this time it does not mean creating a celebrity. A powerful person could be the UK manager of IBM, a newspaper editor or even the chief executive of a Bank!

Unlike celebrities who are extrovert and outrageous this approach requires you to be more sedate and professional to get what you want. It is important to make it clear exactly who you are from the very start of a conversation.

Make sure that you exhibit small touches of wealth; wear an expensive watch, tie and shoes for a start!

Indirect approach ("Real or Imaginary"):

This approach works well if you suffer from last minute nerves or are not such a good on call actor. The Indirect approach is all about planning ahead, either by calling, writing or emailing a venue or a specific person who you have got the name of. You can pretend to be a celebrity, a powerful person or even better, the secretary or PA of a celebrity of powerful person!

Use the secretary/PA persona to describe just how important the people you work for really are. Talk about how arranging good quality treatment for them will mean great press coverage for the venue. Try using a touch of pressure to tie the person you are talking to down and provide what you are after.

Key Points To Remember:

  • Confidence - Be direct. Ask for what you want with no messing about. Remember you are either an arrogant aloof celebrity or a cocksure PA with no time to waste. Get in to character!
  • Articulate - No stuttering or spluttering! Pre-plan a structure to your conversation and talk with an air of sophistication, charm and eloquence. Unless you're planning on mimicking Jade goody!
  • Tenacious - Don't let things go. Remember that your celebrity character is used to getting their way and getting the very best. Be prepared to put a little pressure on if you have to.
  • Appearance - When arriving somewhere make sure you look the part by dressing in character. If you need to be stylish, rent some clothes or buy a new outfit. If pretending to be a rock star dress down by slashing jeans and ripping t-shirts. Wear clothes that people would expect your character to wear.

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