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About Our Site

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 27 Dec 2019 | comments*Discuss
About Our Site

BlagADeal was formed to offer a unique reference point on how to get the best deal, free entry or upgrade.

Everyone likes to get something for free once in a while, or at the very least to feel that they’ve been given a little special attention. Whether you’re trying to get a free meal, upgrades to a better class of service, a pay rise or even out of a parking ticket, the art of blagging is an important social skill to have.

BlagADeal was formed to provide a central resource for those who lack the confidence to negotiate a better deal for themselves in a variety of settings. Most sites don’t offer a wide number of situations where the ability to either complain effectively, negotiate well or blag completely will get you an effective outcome. BlagADeal shows you how to plan your approach and how to successfully execute it in order to get you a better deal than you were originally offered.

Nobody should ever feel bad about attempting to get him or herself a good deal. There is often a great deal of satisfaction to be found in upgrading your plane seat, getting free entry, negotiating a better working environment or simply getting something cheaper than it is advertised at. Here at BlagADeal, we show you how to get the deal you want by reading the handy tips our experts provide in our articles.

Start living the life you want by using BlagADeal as your main source of information on successfully learning the art of blagging.

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